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Our Farabloc Products [ See Return Policy | Warranty Information]
amputee limb cover Amputee Limb Covers     Double thickness

Farabloc was invented to help combat phantom limb pain in war amputees. This material does a remarkable job of reducing the effects and feelings of phantom limb pain. Our amputee covers are custom measured and custom made. If you or someone you know suffer from phantom limb pain you owe it to yourself and them to try a drug free method of dealing with your pain. This amputee cover has even been used in some VA Hospitals.
measure amputee limb covers - reference How to Measure for Amputee Limb Covers:
A is the circumference at the point of amputation, B is the larger circumference along the limb, and C is the distance you want the FARABLOC™ cover to extend along the limb.

Sizes not shown may be custom designed and priced; call or email today!

SKU # LCV 12205
 Description: XXS - A8" x B12" x C8"
(upper arm & lower leg)

 List Price: $121.00 each

SKU # LCV 12210
 Description: XS - A9" x B14" x C8"
(upper arm & lower leg)

 List Price: $132.00 each

SKU # LCV 12215
 Description: S - A12" x B15" x C8"
(upper arm & lower leg)

 List Price: $143.00 each

SKU # LCV 12220
 Description: M - A12" x B19" x C9"
(upper leg)

 List Price: $150.00 each

SKU # LCV 12225
 Description: L - A13" x B21" x C12"
(upper leg)

 List Price: $171.00 each

SKU # LCV 12230
 Description: XL - A13" x B22" x C11"
(upper leg)

 List Price: $189.00 each

SKU # LCV 12235
 Description: XXL - A13" x B25" x C11"
(upper leg)

 List Price: $215.00 each
tendinitis gloves Tendinitis Gloves     Fingerless

If you suffer from wrist or hand pain like tendinitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be able to find relief while wearing our fingerless glove. The glove allows finger dexterity while covering 10-14 inches of your forearm. The price listed is for each individual glove.

SKU # GLV 13380
 Description: S - 12" len x 6" hand width x
10" upr arm circ

 List Price: $132.00 each

SKU # GLV 13385
 Description: M - 12" len x 7" hand width x
12"upr arm circ

 List Price: $149.00 each

SKU # GLV 13390
 Description: L - 14" len x 8" hand width x
14" upr arm circ

 List Price: $160.00 each
mitts Mitts

If you suffer from joint and finger pain then try our mitts. Just like a mitten that covers your entire hand and fingers to keep you warm in winter, our Mitt covers your entire hand and fingers to give you maximum coverage and pain relief. Your hand will stay warm, protected, and the increased blood circulation will help in healing. The price listed is for each individual mitt.

SKU # MTT 13350
 Description: S - 12" len x 4.5" hand width x
10" upr arm circ

 List Price: $121.00 each

SKU # MTT 13355
 Description: M - 12" len x 5.5" hand width x
11" upr arm circ

 List Price: $138.00 each

SKU # MTT 13360
 Description: L - 14" len x 6" hand width x
13" upr arm circ

 List Price: $149.00 each
socks Socks     Double thickness

Foot pain and poor circulation are a problem for many people. If you suffer from ankle, toe, heel, plantar pain, then try our sock. This sock is like a mitten for your feet; it encompasses your whole foot and goes well above your ankle. These socks will help reduce pain, and the extra warmth you feel wearing them should help increase your blood circulation. Cold feet are painful feet. Warm them up and use the pain reducing benefits of our Farabloc patented material. The price listed is for each individual sock.

Sizes not shown may be custom designed and priced; call or email today!

SKU # SCK 13305
 Description: Shoe Size 7 1/2
 List Price: $143.00 each

SKU # SCK 13310
 Description: Shoe Size 8 1/2
 List Price: $154.00 each

SKU # SCK 13315
 Description: Shoe Size 9 1/2
 List Price: $171.00 each

SKU # SCK 13320
 Description: Shoe Size 10 1/2
 List Price: $182.00 each
cummerbunds Back Pain/Wrap Around Cummerbund

Back pain affects millions of people. In fact back pain is one of the leading causes of missed work, and reduced activity in people. Are you one of those people? If so, then you need to give our Cummerbund a try. Much like a tuxedo cummerbund, this wraps around your waist and fastens in front. Wear under your shirt for all day comfort while working or running errands, or wear it 24/7.

SKU # CBB 13390
 Description: XS 29" x 33" x 7.5"
 List Price: $138.00 each

SKU # CBB 13391
 Description: S 33" x 36" x 8"
 List Price: $150.00 each

SKU # CBB 13392
 Description: M 36" x 39" x 8.5"
 List Price: $167.00 each

SKU # CBB 13393
 Description: L 39" x 42" x 9"
 List Price: $185.00 each

SKU # CBB 13394
 Description: XL 42" x 46" x 10"
 List Price: $198.00 each

SKU # CBB 13395
 Description: XXL 46" x 52" x 10"
 List Price: $215.00 each
elbow and knee wraps Knee Wrap & Elbow Wrap     Custom orders only

Your knees have a tremendous amount of work to do. While standing, your arms can rest while hanging at your sides, but your knees keep right on working. With all that stress going on, your knees could probably use some help. If your knees are painful, or if you have had recent surgery, you may find our knee wrap to be wonderful relief. Our knee wrap can be worn at any time; sitting, lying, walking, driving, and after strenuous activity. Elbow wraps too.
* Only custom styles and sizes available at this time. Please call or email us. *
wraps and blankets The Body Wrap

Have you ever had pain where a custom item wouldn't work? Gloves, Mitts and Back Wraps are great but sometimes you just need the type of item that you an shape and mold yourself. That is where our body wraps come in. Coming in a variety of sizes, you can wrap them, fold them, bend them, and shape them anyway you want them. Buy a large one and make a shoulder wrap, thigh wrap, calf wrap, wrist wrap, or anything wrap. Help yourself get out of pain now and wrap yourself up in comfort.

SKU # WBL 11105
 Description: Size D - 12" x 30"
 List Price: $87.00 each

SKU # WBL 11110
 Description: Size C - 20" x 20"
 List Price: $95.00 each

SKU # WBL 11112
 Description: 24" x 24"
 List Price: $130.00 each

SKU # WBL 11113
 Description: 20" x 40"
 List Price: $180.00 each

SKU # WBL 11115
 Description: Size B - 36" x 32"
 List Price: $160.00 each

SKU # WBL 11120
 Description: Size A - 36" x 63"
 List Price: $285.00 each
Hat Hat

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Customers tell us our hat really helps reduce headache and migraine pain. Some have stated that the hat really helps when pain is increased due to barometric pressure changes. Migraine help without drugs? What a great idea.

SKU # HAT 14400
 Description: One Size Fits Most
 List Price: $55.00 each
wristband picture coming soon Wrist Wrap     Double thickness

Painful wrist? Perhaps a wrist wrap is right for you. Easy on and off. Velcro closure. Anyone that does repetitive work should give this wrist wrap a try.

SKU # WRB 14450
 Description: Short - 16" x 3.5"
 List Price: $40.00 each

SKU # WRB 14453
 Description: Medium - 30" x 3.5"
 List Price: $80.00 each

SKU # WRB 14456
 Description: Long - 59" x 3.5"
 List Price: $120.00 each
custom wraps and blankets Blankets     Custom orders available

If you suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, restlessness, poor sleep, back pain, shoulder pain, or a feeling of tiredness when you wake up after a night’s sleep, then you should sleep under one of our blankets. Sleeping under one of our blankets will give your entire body a chance to rest fully and relax, and its pain reducing effectiveness works while you sleep. Many users report that they sleep all night without waking, and they wake up refreshed and with less pain.

SKU # BBL 11105
 Description: 54" x 75" - Fits Regular Size Bed
 List Price: $450.00 each

SKU # BBL 11110
 Description: 60" x 80" - Fits Queen Size Bed
 List Price: $528.00 each

SKU # BBL 11115
 Description: 76" x 80" - Fits King Size Bed
 List Price: $671.00 each
Return Policy
Because of production costs there will be a 15% restocking fee on all returns unless there were sewing defects or shipping errors. All blankets & other items will require an inspection & must be clean on return. Custom-made items are non-refundable.

Most items in stock, unless marked "custom" or "special order". Ships USPS Priority Mail.

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