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What Is Farabloc?

From the agonizing phantom pains of an amputee, arose Farabloc™, the unique pain management solution for amputation related phantom pain. Now, this drug free pain relief treatment used by amputation survivors worldwide has also been proven effective in treating back pain, sport injuries and muscle related pain and stiffness!

There are drug free pain relief alternatives.
Farabloc is an effective drug free choice, and an inexpensive alternative to conventional therapeutic measures and chemical remedies. Farabloc products are manufactured in a wide variety of flexible forms and sizes, which can be applied to virtually any affected part of the body.

Farabloc evolved from primary research on phantom limb pain (also known as phantom limb syndrome) as a result of amputation. Now distinguished researchers in Europe and North America have demonstrated the effectiveness of this revolutionary product to ease back pain and sports injury related muscle pain. Some of the research results have been indexed by the National Library of Medicine.

Farabloc is an easy to use, drug free alternative to the side effects of expensive and intrusive painkillers and other narcotics.
Farabloc is a patented, lightweight cloth developed by the Farabloc Development Corporation using proprietary design technologies. Farabloc products and clothes are non-invasive and non-pharmacological, designed to be worn over the affected areas of the body.

"Farabloc ultra-thin steel fibers.Farabloc is effective at shielding the wearer from electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the high-frequency range that can cause damage at the cellular level. Farabloc consists of a series of ultra thin steel fibers woven into a nylon fabric, which is custom made into wraps or garments, such as socks, gloves, jackets, blankets and limb covers for amputated area. These garments are then placed over the painful area.

Whether you require a jacket, a sock, a sleeve, or a simple wrap to cover a limb, Farabloc’s anti-inflammatory properties provide a natural and effective answer to pain and discomfort. These findings are backed by European and Canadian clinical trials and reports from independent health organizations.

Farabloc is not just for Amputees
Independent research indicates a significant reduction in the levels of CPK (creatine phosphokinase) enzymes known to produce pain and cramping in muscles. Exciting current research is demonstrating the benefit of Farabloc for athletes of all ages, enhancing muscle health, soothing aches and strains, and promoting
rapid healing.

Creatine Phosphokinase (CPK) Chart

Farabloc’s ability to reduce muscle pain and injury after exercise was demonstrated in a study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine Philadelphia PA which examined blood serum levels of five markers that indicate muscle damage, pain and inflammation. In the strength testing, it took the placebo group four days to recover to the strength levels the Farabloc group reached at just 24 hours after exercise, demonstrating Farabloc ability to speed recovery from muscle injuries and athletic training. The Farabloc Thigh Wrap was used in this study.